Welcome to my new website.

Hi. Happy you found my website and my blog. As you can see, I am stage and screen writer trying to make my mark in the world with my stories - stories mostly centered on LGBT issues or history, but not limited to it.

As a gay, white male out of the closet for 32 years now, I feel it's important to continue engaging and educating not only the general public, but also the new LGBT generations so that they have a context of the historical issues that have faced our community.

I am also a strong advocate against organized religions that exclude people for their differences and I am a staunch feminist and ethic/racial diversity advocate. I am still shocked and amazed how many people on this overburdened planet want to fight and kill each other because they are afraid of differences that don't align with theirs. This is the 21st Century, the dawning of Aquarius, where energies are shifting to the Divine Mother and 5th Dimensional Ascension begins. This is not a time to fight differences. This is time to embrace everyone and everyone with love. This is a time for a new awareness, to stop being selfish and to give back to Mother Earth what she has so generously given. It's time to WAKE UP.

As I continue writing and marketing my works to be produced, I will continue to lay down my thoughts and experiences in this blog as a way for you to understand my experience as a writer and an activist today and to hopefully bridge that gap with others who feel the same way about changing the world for the better.

Love and light,


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