Farewell and (yes) thanks, 2016: you are the clear winner of this decade's "Erratic Bitch&q

Yes, I know, I know. Every one is talking about how terrible 2016 was. War and destruction of Syria and Syrian lives. Terrorists attacking and killing innocent people across Europe. Deaths of major entertainers and legends who inspired us. Liars, cheats and scumbags infiltrating our sports and our politics. Indigenous people fighting the white establishment AGAIN. The rise of another epidemic scaring the bejeebies out wanna-be parents. The science of Climate Change continues to be ignored. The harassment of minorities by police across the country increased. And a 5-year-old brain in an orange-face, 70-year-old ass-clown body colluded with Russia to take the US hostage and rolled over an old boulder unleashing the Nazi scum of America.

Yes, 2016, is quite the ugly bitch. Unforgiving, cold, heartless, cruel, unfair, and antagonizing.

However, after letting out all my anger, frustration, disappointment, sadness and disillusionment, I have to step back and wrap my head around why this happened. I have to firmly believe that there's a sound reason why Divine Source (however you call it: God, Yaweh, Allah, Buddha etc.) would allow such terrible things to happen, here today in the 21st Century.

My take on all of this is simply this: Learning to stand for what's right while at the same time being grateful for what you DO have.

Yes, we've been wronged. Terribly wronged. In many, many ways. However, in the bigger picture of things - it could be worse. AND it will probably get worse. But this is how the Universe tests our love, our community, our commitments, our integrity, and our courage. This is a test between higher frequency LOVE and lower frequency FEAR. Plain and simple. LOVE brings nothing but JOY, TRUTH and PEACE. FEAR brings out only the worst in us: HATE, GREED, and LIES.

There is a lesson and there will be Karma for all "deplorables" embracing this FEAR. They will be their own undoing. Deep down inside their hearts they know it. But right now, they're just scared and are refusing to let go of their EGO.

Therefore, be patient. Continue to be the GOOD example, continue to fight the GOOD fight and BELIEVE that GOOD will eventually win. Put all your GOOD intent out into the world and the "Collective Good" will supersede the "collective ignorant."

With this said, I want to express my gratitude for following this year:

  • Gratitude to the 2016 Atlanta Film Festival (Ali Coad, Page Rast, Michael Lucker, Don Woodard, Robin Henry, Rachel Garner, Murphy Mason, Carrie Anne Hunt) for selecting "Dietrich Danzig" as a winner.

  • Gratitude to Michael Lucker, Don Woodard and Robin Henry for their mentoring and friendship.

  • Gratitude to Brad Wilke, Dustin Kaspar and the 2016 Seattle International Film Festival for selecting "Dietrich Danzig" as a finalist.

  • Gratitude to Seattle director and actors: Andrew Tribolini, Roy Stanton, Raul Peyret, Emily Fortuna, Alice Bridgeforth, Casey Raiha, Genevieve Trainor, Rachel Denise Pate, and Tom Fraser for giving an AMAZING live, reading of "Dietrich Danzig" this September.

  • Gratitude to my friends and family for their continual support and cheer leading.

  • Gratitude to my “little sister,” Natascha Thomson, always eager to meet me wherever my readings arise.

  • Gratitude to my best friend and husband, Robert, who totally “gets me,” what I am trying to do, who reads everything I write word for word, and, who is unafraid to offer his best constructive criticism.

  • Gratitude for Dakota (our son) who reminds us every day what’s really important in life: love, respect, community, discipline, learning, rigor and hope.

  • Gratitude to my parents, Blaine and Dawne, who taught me the value of a sound work ethic, to question authority when it unfairly affects others, to always be inclusive and loving, and to always push for your dreams.

The sting of this year’s political dagger has been utterly painful. And next year might be worse.

  • The 1st Amendment is in danger

  • Socialistic programs are in danger

  • Healthcare is in danger

  • Minority rights are in danger

  • Nuclear war is now an impending danger

  • And the list will go on...

These are the extreme tests that we most likely will have to face and overcome.

BUT... before I get on my soapbox and scream, I'm going to open my arms and sing about what's GOOD in my life and embrace it. For in the end, the power of high frequency GRATITUDE (LOVE and JOY) will always crush the useless and unstable power of low frequency HATE.




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